Company Profile: 

True Blue is a leading producer of blueberries and cranberries for the frozen and fresh markets. With multiple offsite cold storage facilities, they faced challenges in efficiently managing their inventory based on product grading. 


True Blue relied on a manual paper-based system for grading and inventory management. This approach introduced the risk of human errors in calculating grades and made it time-consuming to locate and fulfill specific product requests from clients. 


True Blue approached T3 Technologies seeking a solution to enhance their Produce Scan system for custom grading. T3 introduced a new packing screen that allowed employees to grade blueberries and cranberries based on samples taken by the QC personnel. Using the sample test data, Produce Scan automatically assigned a grade to each product based on predefined specifications ranging from Grade A to Juice. 


  • Enhanced Efficiency: The automated grading system significantly reduced the time and effort required for grading, eliminating the potential for human errors. 
  • Streamlined Inventory Management: True Blue gained real-time visibility into their inventory by grade and pack styles through a comprehensive reporting feature. This enabled efficient assignment of products to clients and improved inventory tracking. 


  • Time and Cost Savings: By eliminating the need to search through paperwork for inventory and streamlining the pallet selection process for shipping, True Blue saved hundreds of man-hours per year. The streamlined operations also increased the speed and accuracy of payments to suppliers based on the pack out of received inventory. 


T3’s Produce Scan solution revolutionized True Blue’s grading and inventory management processes, providing accurate grading, real-time inventory visibility, and significant time savings. The implementation of this system not only improved operational efficiency but also enhanced customer satisfaction and supplier relationships for True Blue.