As more and more agricultural operations across the country implement produce traceability software into their operations, certain questions become common. Is the assigned traceability information persistent? Can scanning be done while “on the move” while pallets are being prepared for shipment? Will it be difficult to train my employees how to use this new software? When these questions arise, the team at T3 Technologies is happy to provide answers. Our T3 Produce Scan system affords a wealth of benefits, from increasing quality assurance to aiding in inventory management. In today’s post, we’re going to look at a few common questions and, hopefully, help you in your decision to take advantage of these benefits.

Can scanning be performed while pallets are on the move?

You can absolutely scan your pallets while preparing them for shipment. In fact, this is one of the greatest benefits of utilizing mobile technology: it’s mobile! Allowing you to rapidly scan your products no matter where they are, the T3 Produce Scan system is extremely flexible.

Is traceability information retained after repacking?

Again, the answer is… absolutely! Capable of handling an unlimited number of repacks without losing your data, our produce traceability software ensures that, no matter what happens, your information is persistent.

Will it be difficult to train my employees?

Without a doubt, one of the best things about the T3 Produce Scan system is its simplicity. As training employees is a time-consuming – and frustrating – endeavor, we’ve made the system as easy as possible to ensure that workers can be trained in minutes.

At T3 Technologies, we are committed to providing powerful, flexible solutions to the needs of the agricultural industry. We understand that our solutions must be simple, they must be flexible and they must be effective. If you’ve been thinking about implementing a produce traceability system, contact us today to discuss how you can reap the benefits of T3 Produce Scan.