SVC is one of the largest privately held grape producers in the world.

SVC came to T3 Technologies to address their issues with piecework collection in the vineyards. Every harvesting season SVC employs upwards of 8,000 employees to harvest their grapes. The area they cover is from the southern San Joaquin Valley to the north central part of the valley. SVC had been doing all their payroll collection with paperwork. This paperwork would be faxed to the office at the end of the week and then compared to the received inventory data for accuracy. This was done for all 8000 employees and all crews. The amount of management time spent on this activity was staggering. This management time included people delivering the paperwork to the office, someone checking to make sure they had all the paperwork, and someone entering the data into the system. There was also a large amount of double entry of data into their As/400 system that had potential for human errors. Another issue that SVC wanted to address was product identity. They wanted to be able to tie the packed units to the vineyard and the packing crew. This would later become what is now known as traceability.

T3 implemented their Pocket Payroll system in the summer of 2008. To address the mobility of the crews and the wide area that SVC covers, T3 partnered with Verizon Wireless (VW) to transfer the data over VW network. To address the issue of traceability, a special barcode format was designed that allow the 3-man pack team to be tied to the label at the beginning of the day when they were scanned in. The barcode format allows SVC to not have them specifically tied to an employee or team until the day of harvesting the grapes.  Once the employees are scanned into their crews, they go out and harvest the grapes. As they harvest the product, each group puts a barcode tag on the package. This tag is then scanned by the QC employee at the end of each row prior to the time it is loaded on the truck for shipping. The scan action gives credit to the three employees in the pack crew and reads the unique identity of the package, which is stored on the handheld. The QC employee goes through their day scanning each individual barcode to ensure that it is verified and that it has not been scanned before.

The data that is then collected and sent via T3 Transfer software to the T3 Servers, where it is then available to be viewed for live reports and then sent back to the SVC As/400 server. The data is then combined on the As/400 with the received in data from the inventory and verified.

This new process put together with SVC has saved hundreds of thousands of dollars in management time over the years. T3 Technologies has also put them leaps and bounds ahead of competitors when it comes to traceability.