Produce traceability aims to make it easier for members of the agriculture industry to track their produce from its point of origin to its final destination. Whether that destination is a packing center, a retail operation, or anything in between, the initiative helps to lower costs, protect customers from foodborne illnesses, and increase efficiency. To these ends, T3 Technologies created T3 Produce Scan, an inventory management system that assists businesses in meeting the initiative’s requirements and, more importantly, reaping the benefits of adhering to it. In today’s post, we’re going to take a closer look at how your Ag business can benefit from produce traceability.

1. Swifter response

In the Ag business, recalls happen. Produce traceability aims to make it easier to perform recalls by shortening response times. When you know exactly where, when, and how your produce was shipped – and when it arrived – it is much, much easier to act decisively.

2. Easier inventory

With produce traceability, all goods are individually labeled, allowing you to know – at a moment’s notice – exactly what you have on hand. Because of this, inventory is simplified and, more importantly, precious time is saved.

3. Streamlined accounting

Integrated with your accounting system, T3 Produce Scan gives you a high level of control over your business’ financials. With the ability to pull precise, up-to-date financial information at any time, you can plan, budget, and invest with confidence.

At T3 Technologies, we are proud to fully back the Produce Traceability Initiative. With the goal of simplifying inventory, allowing fast response times, and reducing costs, our software is designed to allow members of the Ag industry to take full advantage of the initiative. If you’ve been thinking about implementing the initiative into your operation, we encourage you to reach out to us to discuss how we can help.