T3 Smart Records cloud based reports and logs

T3 Smart Records is a cloud based record management application for today's high speed business.  

The Smart Records application allows users to take that ever growing filing cabinet or three ring binder of mandatory paperwork and turn it into cloud based data. This data not only saves our clients a large amount of office space, but also a large amount of time when it comes to seeking answers within that paperwork. 

Easy, secure, and portable Smart Records allow the user to design cloud based reports from their current paper reports. These new online reports can be accessed through secure sign on that ensures the user only sees what they have access to. Once signed on, the user can input the report data on a pc, tablet, or smart phone. No paperwork? No problem. Just pull up the Smart Records application and enter it on your smart phone.   

As the user creates new cloud based reports they have the option to tie them to specific areas within the operation and employees. This allows the users to quickly access only the reports to which they have access.   

Smart Records Data Types

  • Fixed Text
  • Editable Text
  • Yes/No Questions
  • List Data
  • Numeric Data  

Conditional Alerts

The report creator has the ability to setup conditional alerts based on the answers input by the user.  The conditions can be numeric oriented or yes/no questions. If the condition is not met, the SMS text or email is sent to the correct authority to address the problem. These alerts can then be corrected by the administrator or a corrective action can be entered into the system.

Report Access

Users can log into Smart Records from any computer, tablet, or smart phone and filter through the reports by date range, report type, or location. This filtering saves the user large amounts of time that would have been spent going through the massive folders or large filing cabinets worth of paper.

Data Communication

Smart Records can be setup to send alerts to outside partners such as consultants, consumers, and auditors of data conditions that exist within a report.   

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