T3 Production Scan Solution

When we made the T3 Produce Scan inventory tracking and control system, several companies not involved in agriculture discovered the system is readily applicable to other industries and specialty manufacturing processes that need to track inventory and parts through the supply chain. So we released the T3 Production Scan to serve those needs as well.

T3 Production Scan Inventory ManagerThe T3 Production Scan Solution is well suited for small and mid-sized businesses such as those involved in woodworking and manufacturing customized products. Companies can use Production Scan to mark each product with a unique barcode label that can identify the source down to the production line, day and shift involved in its manufacture. If a part already has a barcode, you can scan the existing label. Once the user scans the product or prints a label, the product is accepted into inventory and associated to a storage facility. You can then track the product throughout the process as it's placed in storage and eventually to shipping.

The benefits of Production Scan include:

  • Quality Assurance
  • Increased Management Capacity
  • Inventory Management

Leading Edge Technology:

To accomplish these tasks, T3 combines several technologies into one system. Those technologies include:

  • Pocket PC Handhelds
  • Bar Code Scanning and RFID
  • Mobile and Stationary Barcode Printers
  • Wireless Data Transmission

Data Reporting:

Users can log into Production Scan and track production live.

Data Integration:

T3's information can then be integrated with your current software solutions to allow for quick and easy data sharing.
Collecting your production data through T3's hand held and pc technologies makes the process of product traceability achievable. This information allows you to deliver the needed quality assurance information to all the involved parties while not creating a large paperwork problem.

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