T3 Produce Scan Solution

T3 Technologies developed the T3 Produce Scan inventory manager for use in the field in the Ag industry. You can use T3's produce inventory management system in the package shed when accepting and packing produce, then mark them with unique labels such as a GTIN number.

T3 Produce Scan Inventory Manager

The user selects the bulk produce supplier, farm and block to link to the label. If the product already has a barcode on it, the user scans it. If the product doesn't have a barcode, the user creates a label for it. Once the user scans the product or prints a label, the product is then accepted into inventory and associated to a storage facility. It can then be moved from storage to storage and tracked through the facility.

The benefits of Produce Scan include:

  • Quality Assurance
  • Food Traceability
  • Increased Management Capacity
  • Inventory Management

Leading Edge Technology:

To accomplish these tasks, T3 combines several technologies into one system. Those technologies include:

  • Pocket PC Handhelds
  • Bar Code Scanning and RFID
  • Mobile and Stationary Barcode Printers
  • Wireless Data Transmission

Data Reporting:

Users can log into Produce Scan and track production live and then after the harvest track exactly where a unit came from within the field or from what packing shed and supplier.

Data Integration:

T3's information can then be integrated with your current software solutions to allow for quick and easy data sharing.

Collecting your production data through T3's hand held and pc technologies makes the process of product traceability achievable. This information allows you to deliver the needed quality assurance information to all the involved parties while not creating a large paperwork problem.

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