Time and Attendance FAQs

What is the ROI?

Normally our customers see a 75% decrease in time spent on payroll processing when using Pocket PayRoll. You are moving your time and attendance process from a data input process to a data checking process.

How many people can be managed by a handheld?

The handheld can manage as many people as the user can handle.

What kind of handhelds do you use?

We use ruggedized handhelds with integrated barcode scanners from Intermec. The application will run on any windows handheld, but the scanner will only work with Intermec products.

How long do the handhelds last?

We have customers that have used the handhelds in an ag environment outside for over 10 years.

What accounting system can you send my time and attendance data too?

Data can be imported into most popular accounting programs, including:

  • Quickbooks
  • Redwing
  • Datatech
  • Famous
  • ADP
  • Any system that can take in a flat file

How do your handhelds communicate to my computer?

They can be docked on the pc and synced or they can send the data over any internet connection they are setup on.

Do you have other equipment besides mobile handhelds?

Yes, we have tablets, finger print scanners, and biometrics.

Can your system track pieces?

Yes, we do multiple types of piece pay.

Can your system send updates on work process?

We have a website that can be signed in to and you can view work status on it.

Can the data be edited after it is collected?

Yes, the data can be edited by an administrator in the Pocket Payroll software at anytime after collection.

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