Inventory FAQs

Do you support PTI formats?

Yes we support the PTI label formats.

Can you repack product and keep the traceability information?

Yes repacking is one of our strong points.  We allow products to be repacked as many times as you like and keep that traceability information.

What kind of labels do you use?

We have off the shelf stock, but can use any label that you need.

What printers do you support?

We support ZPL and DPL languages, which are Zebra and Datamax printers.

Can you scan pallets as they are being placed on the truck for shipping?

Yes we have a mobile app that can run on any windows device with an integrated scanner.

Can you move product within the facility?

Yes we can move product throughout the facility without relieving it from inventory.

Can you mix product to create a mixed product line?

Yes you can mix the products in our packing section and keep inventory and traceability information straight.

Is the interface easy to use?

Yes the interface is setup so that training takes literally minutes for the line workers.

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