True Blue

True Blue Processing is located in Bangor, Mi.

True Blue Processes Blueberries and Cranberries for the frozen and fresh markets.

True Blue approached T3 about changing the Produce Scan system to allow for custom grading of blueberries and cranberries. True Blue needed a way to manage their frozen inventory at multiple cold storages better based on the grade of the product. These warehouses are off site out side facilities to True Blue. The grading and inventory were all kept on paper up until this point. One of the problems with this was that when product was graded it was up to an employee to calculate this information and this had potential for human error. When it came to inventory management it meant that when a client needed to purchase a specific grade of product and number of units True Blue employees would have to search through all the paper work and find where the product was and make sure they had enough. At that time they would contact the cold storage and ship the product out.

T3 added a new packing screen to allow the user to grade the blueberries and cranberries based off the samples taken by the True Blue QC personnel. The employee enters in the sample tests and Produce Scan then grades the product based off the specs entered into the system from Grade A to Juice. The user can then tie the product to a contract from a buyer based off this spec. Once the product has been graded the labels are printed off and the product is put into inventory. This inventory is moved to the storage facility. A report was added that allows True Blue to query their inventory by the grade and pack styles. This report allows True Blue employees to assigned the product to a certain client as well as find out which facility it is being stored at. This system also gives them an accurate real time inventory available to be sold.

This new solution has saved True Blue hundreds of man-hours per year of searching through paper work to find the needed pallets for shipping. It has also helped increase speed and accuracy in the paying of their suppliers based on pack out of the received inventory from those suppliers.

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