Smart Records

Smart Records is a cloud-based solution that allows you to convert your tedious paperwork to phone or tablet collected data solution with real-time texting and email notifications.

Record Keeping Solutions

Smart Records is a cloud-based solution designed for companies looking to go paperless. Smart Records removes the need for filing cabinets and three-ring binders. Collecting critical information throughout the day can now be accomplished in real-time with any mobile phone, tablet, and/or PC. Access to reports is also real-time with any device through our secure web portal.


  • Save time, reduce data entry errors, and ensure regulatory compliance.
  • Reduce office and server storage space with unlimited online storage.
  • Users can design and change their own cloud-based reports without IT support


  • Online forms have fixed text, editable text, yes/no questions, list, numeric data formats, photos, signatures, calculation, grid data, and pdf formatting.
  • Report creators can set up conditional alerts based on the answers collected by the users and text or email the results.
  • Conditions can be numeric oriented or yes/no questions.
  • SMS texts or email are automatically sent to the correct authority to address the problem as it occurs.
  • Alerted records can be corrected by the administrator or corrective action can be taken to address the issue in real-time.
  • Users can log into Smart Records from any computer, tablet, or smartphone and filter through the reports by date range, report type, or location.
  • Smart Records can also be set up to send alerts to outside partners such as consultants, consumers, and auditors on data conditions that exist within a report.

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