T3 Smart Records is a cloud based record management application that is perfect for the high-speed business of today. This application allows the user to convert their filing system from hard copy paperwork to cloud based data that is completely secure and easily accessible and searchable from anywhere with an internet connection. This means that not only will T3 Smart Records save you a lot of space, but also a lot of time when it comes to looking for specific items within the paperwork.

What’s really nice about T3 Smart Records is that multiple users can have accounts with various amounts of access. While the CEO may need access to all records, an employee may only need access to records that pertain to them. Users can log into Smart Records from any computer, tablet, or smart phone and filter through the reports by date range, report type, or location. This filtering saves the user large amounts of time that would have been spent going through the massive folders or large filing cabinets worth of paper.

T3 Smart Records has five data types, including fixed text, editable text, yes / no questions, list data, and numeric data. Smart Records also features conditional alerts whereas the report creator has the ability to set up alerts based on what a user inputs. If the needed condition is not met, a text or email is sent to the necessary person to address the problem.

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