The Produce Traceability Initiative allows companies to track their produce back to their point of origin. Accurate produce traceability offers many different benefits for both benefits and the consumers they serve. While produce traceability is an investment, it’s a solid one! The savings that you will see from your produce traceability system will more than make up for your initial investment. In this post, we will look at the ways that you can increase your agricultural business’ profits using Produce Scan from T3 Technologies.

Creating trust

Consumer trust is extremely important, especially when it comes to the agricultural industry. Using produce traceability shows your customers you’re serious about their safety and have their best interests in mind. You are willing to invest in order to keep them safe!

Lowering labor costs

With produce traceability being digital, it lessens the effort needed to sort and find paper records. This will cause a reduction in your administrative costs.

Managing recalls

While avoiding the need for a recall is the best way to reduce costs, despite doing everything right and using every precaution, it’s not always possible. Recalls happen and, when they do, a full-scale recall is a costly, time-consuming process. Produce traceability allows you to target your recalls, preventing the need for full-scale, untargeted recalls and saving you money by leaving unaffected products on the shelves. Recalls that use produce traceability are substantially more efficient than those without.

At T3 Technologies, we work to provide agricultural companies with the systems, tools, and training needed to implement effective and efficient produce traceability processes. Whether you’re a major, international brand or a small operation, we will work with you to implement the best solution for you business.