Pocket Payroll

Pocket Payroll, our comprehensive timekeeping solution, is designed to meet the unique needs of businesses with highly mobile workforces and activity-based costing requirements. With Pocket Payroll, you can streamline data collection, accurately track employee time and activities, and simplify the payroll record-keeping process for both administrators and employees. 

Timekeeping Solutions

Pocket Payroll is a time and attendance plus piece work tracking solution for businesses with highly mobile workforces and unique cost capturing needs. Our clients are able to speed up the process of collecting data as well as capturing where an employee’s time is spent during the day. Pocket Payroll makes payroll record keeping easy and less time-consuming for administrators and their employees.


Cost Optimization and Increased Productivity: Implement a piece work pay-for-performance program to drive down labor costs and incentivize productivity. With Pocket Payroll, you can accurately track employee activities and tie them to specific costs, allowing you to optimize resource allocation and increase overall efficiency. 

Regulatory Compliance: Ensure compliance with labor regulations by effectively managing and accurately recording employee time. Pocket Payroll provides accurate time management and mobile record-keeping capabilities, allowing you to meet regulatory requirements while minimizing administrative burdens. 

Cost-to-Serve Insights: Gain a clear understanding of your true cost-to-serve your customers. Pocket Payroll integrates job costing and labor tracking reporting tools, enabling you to accurately calculate and analyze the costs associated with serving each customer or project. 


Mobile-Friendly Interface: Our user-friendly interface enables employees to collect time information, record activities, and track job costing data conveniently, both online and offline. This ensures that data is accurately captured regardless of their location or internet connectivity. 

GPS Tracking: Stay informed about your workers’ whereabouts throughout the day with GPS tracking. This feature allows you to monitor their locations in real-time, enhancing accountability and providing valuable insights for job allocation and customer service optimization. 

Seamless Payroll Integrations: Pocket Payroll seamlessly integrates with popular payroll software such as Heartland, Famous, Redwing, ADP, Paychex, QuickBooks, and more. This integration simplifies the payroll process by streamlining data transfer, reducing manual entry, and ensuring accurate calculations. 

With Pocket Payroll’s timekeeping solution, you can effectively manage your workforce, capture activity-based costs, and streamline payroll processes. Drive down labor costs, improve productivity, and gain valuable insights into your operational expenses, all while ensuring regulatory compliance and simplifying administrative tasks. 


Does Pocket Payroll support H-2A program requirements for tracking and reporting work activities of temporary agricultural workers? 

Yes, Pocket Payroll can be customized to meet the specific tracking and reporting needs of the H-2A program, ensuring compliance with the regulations governing temporary agricultural workers. The solution can capture and manage the necessary data for accurate reporting and documentation of H-2A worker activities. 

What is Pocket Payroll? 

Pocket Payroll is a comprehensive solution designed to facilitate piece tracking and job costing for mobile workforces and production facilities. 

How does Pocket Payroll work? 

Pocket Payroll enables employees to track their work on a piece-by-piece basis, allowing for accurate job costing and payroll calculations. The solution utilizes mobile devices or handheld computers to record and track work activities. 

Can Pocket Payroll be customized to our specific business needs? 

Yes, Pocket Payroll offers customization options to adapt to your unique business requirements. Our team can work with you to configure the solution according to your specific piece tracking and job costing needs. 

Is Pocket Payroll suitable for both mobile workforces and production facilities? 

Absolutely. Pocket Payroll caters to the needs of both mobile workforces and production facilities, providing a unified solution for tracking work activities, job costing, and payroll management. 

Does Pocket Payroll integrate with existing payroll systems? 

Pocket Payroll is designed to integrate seamlessly with various payroll systems, such as ADP, Paychex, QuickBooks, and more. This integration ensures accurate and streamlined payroll processing. 

How does Pocket Payroll benefit businesses? 

Pocket Payroll offers several benefits, including: 

  • Accurate Job Costing: By tracking work on a piece-by-piece basis, businesses can accurately analyze the cost of each job or project. 
  • Efficient Payroll Processing: The solution simplifies payroll calculations based on piece work, ensuring accurate and timely payments to employees. 
  • Enhanced Workforce Management: Pocket Payroll provides real-time visibility into work activities, enabling businesses to optimize scheduling, resource allocation, and productivity. 
  • Streamlined Reporting: The solution generates comprehensive reports on work activities, job costs, and productivity, supporting data-driven decision-making. 

Is Pocket Payroll compatible with different mobile devices? 

Yes, Pocket Payroll is compatible with various mobile devices, including smartphones, tablets, and handheld computers. This allows employees to conveniently track their work activities using the device of their choice. 

Can Pocket Payroll handle complex piece tracking scenarios? 

Yes, Pocket Payroll is designed to handle complex piece tracking scenarios. The solution can accommodate different piece rates, work types, and job requirements, ensuring accurate tracking and cost calculations. 

Is Pocket Payroll user-friendly? 

Yes, Pocket Payroll offers a user-friendly interface that simplifies the process of tracking work activities. The intuitive design and ease of use ensure a smooth experience for both employees and administrators. 

How can we get started with Pocket Payroll? 

To get started with Pocket Payroll, please contact our team through the provided contact information on our website. We will be happy to discuss your requirements, demonstrate the capabilities of the solution, and guide you through the implementation process. 

If you have any additional questions or require further assistance, please feel free to reach out to us.