Businesses are seldom based completely in one brick and mortar location anymore. We’re increasingly spread out in fields, factories, and jobsites with mobile work crews. Employees can easily track and report their time, activity and any cost associations throughout the workday. Management can locate crews in real time to follow the progress of tasks even if they are physically miles or continents apart.

Finetune workforce planning in real time. When management is in a separate, centralized location, there can be a disconnect with mobile work crews. T3 Pocket Payroll allows multiple sites to remain connected and to instantly share information – which can aid in sharing resources. T3 Pocket Payroll can also record changes at a single location. Scanning barcodes and ids can keep detailed records when changing product lines – which makes calculating costs for billing instantly available.

Global information with a centralized information source. T3 Pocket Payroll easily connects diverse locations with the home office. Clients in the oil and gas industry instantly have access to the activities of everyone from geo scientists in dense jungles, to wellhead pumpers out at sea. Crews can report in real time with a smart phone and our cloud based technology. Communicate across borders and time zones with our rugged handhelds or your own smart phone.

We don’t all work in an office. As often as not, we need to be mobile, on location, or on multiple locations, where we’re needed. T3 Pocket Payroll is flexible for different job roles, everything from maintenance workers to roustabouts. It’s flexible on the go, while staying in constant connection with the home office. And it even helps with billing out different jobs from a single employee throughout the day.

If your workforce is on the move, contact us to put T3 Pocket Payroll to work for you.