Keeping track of a mobile workforce can be challenging. Logistically, you need to know where your workers are, what they are doing and how productive they are. Financially, you need to keep track of their hours and crunch the weekly payroll data. With a traditional workforce, this can be accomplished fairly easily: employees simply punch in when they arrive at work, then punch out when they leave for the day. With a mobile workforce, however, things get complicated. In this post, we’re going to look at how T3 Technologies’ Pocket Payroll can help you streamline your data collection and, more importantly, how it can alleviate some of the major headaches involved with managing a mobile workforce.

Fast collection

Pocket Payroll quickly captures employee data by scanning barcodes printed onto a card that is assigned to them. Managers can then access this data, print off receipts and view piece rate payroll information.

Cutting edge technology

Combining several technologies into one intuitive, easy-to-use system, Pocket Payroll takes advantage of its advanced design to afford employers the fastest, easiest and most accurate way to track payroll information.

Smartphone friendly

Beyond compatibility with handheld PCs, mobile payroll management software from T3 Technologies can be utilized on your employees’ smartphones, providing for another level of convenience that eliminates the need for special, proprietary hardware.

Data integration

Able to be integrated into your existing software solutions, Pocket Payroll allows for faster, more robust reporting and management of off-site crews. More importantly, it reduces adoption costs by working within the limitations of your current systems.

At T3 Technologies, our goal is to provide businesses with a way to collect and process data associated with their mobile workforce. With Pocket Payroll, we’ve created one of the most versatile systems in the industry, a system that allows for complete, expedient payroll management, no matter where your workforce is located. If you’ve been looking for a proven, reliable way to manage your business’ payroll, contact us today to discuss our software solutions.