Online Documentation with T3 Technologies

Do you have so many hard copy sheets of paper that need to be correlated and possibly referenced in the future that you require multiple filing cabinets? Does a recall or regulation have you worried about how long it would take to go through this paperwork? Do you have documents that are filled out by a mobile workforce that have business critical information on them that may get lost in the paper shuffle? 

If so, Smart Records is a solution for you!

Smart Records allows you to convert paperwork into online templates that are accesible through a secure account anywhere in the world with an internet connection. The data captured through the cloud based templates can be exported out to your company servers or any other solutions your company may have.

T3 Smart Records is a great solution for :

  • Food Safety Modernization Act Records
  • Equipment Maintenance Documentation
  • Water Pump Management Documentation
  • Mobile Employee Documentation
  • Production Records
  • Quality Control Audits
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