T3 creates solutions for the food processing industry

As a software solution company that focuses on creating products that address the concerns and unique requirements for food production in today's business.

We believe in adding value and visibility to the everyday task you already perform or may be required to perform in the future. We achieve this by streamlining and adding automation to inventory, payroll, accounting, traceability, and more.  

Our solutions for the food processing industry include:

T3 Smart Records

Smart Records is a cloud based application that allows you to take the massive amounts of paperwork that need to be kept track of in today's business world and convert it to online templates. These entry sheet templates can then be input by you or your employees on any device from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. The templates have the ability to be set up on a schedule, static text, with yes or no questions, numeric entry fields, and more options. These templates can also be set up to send out instant emails or texts to warn the appropriate contact person of issues that need to be addressed due to an answer on the template. 

As you enter the records into the system they are time stamped and associated with the user and location where the data was entered. These records then become available to the user to be queried by date, record type, and alert status. Once the records are queried they can be viewed online or printed out in mass to be given to an auditor or certification official.

T3 Production Scan

T3 Technologies developed the T3 Produce Scan inventory manager for use in the field in the Ag industry. You can use T3's produce inventory management system in the packing shed when accepting and packing produce, then mark them with unique labels such as a GTIN number. The user selects the bulk produce supplier, farm and block to link to the label. If the product already has a barcode on it, the user scans it. If the product doesn't have a barcode, the user creates a label for it. Once the user scans the product or prints a label, the product is then accepted into inventory and associated to a storage facility. It can then be moved from storage to storage and tracked through the facility.

The benefits of Produce Scan include:

  • Quality Assurance
  • Food Traceability
  • Increased Management Capacity
  • Inventory Management

T3 Pocket Payroll Facial Recognition Scanner

T3 Technologies developed Pocket Payroll to help manage your company's complicated time and attendance needs. We have also developed a facial recognition system in conjunction with the pocket payroll system that allows your hourly employees to be clocked in by a scan of their face without any physical interaction with the device. This helps todays food processing facility cut down on cross contamination by employees and physical interaction with time clocks.

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