T3 continues to serve the Ag industry

Our roots are as an AG software solution company that focuses on creating products that address the concerns and unique requirements for Produce Traceability by the ever changing and growing agricultural industry.

We believe in adding value and visibility to the everyday task you are already doing or may be required to do in the future. We achieve this by streamlining and adding automation to inventory, payroll, accounting, traceability, and more. 

Our solutions for the Ag industry include:

Pocket PayRoll Smart Phone

The Pocket Payroll Smart Phone app was designed for our customers that have wandering employees. These employees may work in a field 2 hours away from the office one day maintaining irrigation equipment and in a packing shed the next day working on the water tanks. The App allows the user to log into a job and with a push of a button start and stop their time as well as take breaks and lunch. This data is then transferred to the pc software and looks just like the regular times from the handhelds and clocks.

Production Management

Pocket Pay enables you to collect your piece rate data with a GPS unit while you are collecting payroll information. This allows you to process the data in a yield map format designating the areas of the field from which the product came. This data can then be used to make agronomical plans to better manage crop inputs.

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