While T3 Technologies developed its payroll and inventory tracking systems for the agriculture industry initially, many other markets beyond agriculture have benefited from implementing our various systems. In this post we will look at some of the other markets / industries that use T3 Technologies’ services.


We began as an AG software solution company with a focus on creating Produce Traceability systems that work easily, accurately, and effectively.


T3 Technologies realizes that small to medium-sized manufacturing companies that produce customized products need systems for inventory control and job costing. Our T3 Production Scan inventory management system and our T3 Pocket Payroll mobile payroll system are perfect for the manufacturing industry.


Lines for packaging can switch products frequently. Because of this, packaging companies need a way to assess accurate job costing per product. This can be accomplished  with the T3 Pocket Payroll system from T3 Technologies.

Food Processing

T3 Technologies has several solutions that address the concerns and unique requirements for the food processing industry, including T3 Smart Records, T3 Production Scan, and T3 Pocket Payroll Facial Recognition Scanner.

Oil & Gas Industry

Workers in the oil and gas industry are often off-site. These companies need a payroll data collection system that can survive in harsh environments while connecting with home office. T3 Pocket Payroll is proven to increase accuracy while eliminating extraneous and difficult to manage paperwork.

Online Documentation

T3 Smart Records is a great solution for Food Safety Modernization Act records, equipment maintenance documentation, water pump maintenance documentation, mobile employee documentation, production records, quality control audits, and more.