Small to mid-sized manufacturing companies that are involved in the production of customized products have unique needs that for inventory control and job costing that T3 Technologies is equipped and ready to handle. Manufacturing companies, especially those who make custom products, can face huge obstacles when it comes to collecting data for accurate costs per item considering the item changes regularly during the manufacturing process. In this post, we’ll take a look at how our T3 Pocket Payroll mobile payroll system and our T3 Production scan inventory manager system can help make your business not only more productive, but more profitable, as well.

Costs Per Item

Determining an accurate cost per item allows you to understand your profit margin which helps you price your products appropriately. Once easily integrated into your current operation, T3 Production scan allows you to practice accurate inventory control as well as telling you exactly how much each product costs to produce.

Worker’s Time Per Product

Beyond just knowing what the actual materials cost, you have to determine how much time it takes your workers to produce the product in order to accurately calculate how much you should charge in order to price it competitively and ensure a good profit margin.


Accurate tracking means being able to track your products through the entire manufacturing process. Whether you want to know which components came from where or you want to know who assembled the item, our systems can help you better understand the processes that create your products.

At T3 Technologies, it is our mission to simplify processes for our clients. With easy to integrate and use systems such as inventory control and payroll management, T3 Technologies is in the business of making burdensome processes simple.