Company Profile: 

Long & Scott Farms, a renowned agricultural enterprise based in Central Florida, has been cultivating cucumbers, sweet corn, and cabbage for over 50 years. With a centralized packing facility and extensive farm fields, they sought a solution to streamline their pack out reporting and improve traceability. 


Long & Scott Farms relied on a manual paper-based system for inventory management and utilized QuickBooks for their accounting needs. They faced challenges in accurately tracking inventory, integrating sales orders, and ensuring seamless invoicing. 


Long & Scott Farms approached T3 Technologies for a comprehensive solution, leading to the implementation of the Produce Scan system. T3’s solution automated the tracking process, providing Long & Scott Farms with enhanced inventory control and traceability. The integration of the Produce Scan sales module and QuickBooks integration module further streamlined their operations. 


  • Improved Inventory Management: Produce Scan offered real-time visibility of inventory levels, allowing Long & Scott Farms to track inventory on hand, compare it against sales orders, and forecast potential shortages. This optimization of inventory control prevented miss-loading of trucks and ensured proper rotation of inventory. 
  • Seamless Sales Order Processing: The integration of the sales module enabled Long & Scott Farms’ sales force to enter orders in real-time, facilitating accurate inventory-to-sales comparison and proactive management of stock availability. 
  • Streamlined Invoicing: The QuickBooks integration module eliminated the need for redundant data entry, automatically generating invoices based on logged shipments in Produce Scan. This streamlined invoicing process improved efficiency and reduced the chances of errors. 


  • Enhanced Traceability: T3’s solution incorporated traceability features, including inventory tags containing all necessary information for record-keeping. This enabled Long & Scott Farms to meet traceability requirements and ensure product authenticity and quality. 


By implementing T3’s Produce Scan solution, Long & Scott Farms achieved comprehensive inventory control, improved traceability, and streamlined business operations. The real-time visibility, seamless sales order processing, and integration with QuickBooks significantly enhanced their efficiency and accuracy, leading to increased productivity and customer satisfaction. T3’s user-friendly system, coupled with reliable technical support, has empowered Long & Scott Farms to make informed decisions and optimize their farming and business processes.