Unfortunately, foodborne illness outbreaks are something that nearly everyone in the agricultural industry has had to deal with. Fortunately, advances in produce traceability technology have helped to better safeguard consumers. However, some people in the agricultural industry still feel that produce traceability is overly difficult and expensive. This is not the case. In this post, we will look at how easily your operation can implement produce traceability and how it benefits you.

Implementation is easy

T3 Technologies has a lot of experience in working with customers to ensure our produce traceability solutions integrate easily and efficiently into their current operations. Offering a suite of desktop and mobile traceability solutions, you can rest assured you can implement our produce traceability systems in no time at all.

Tracking is precise

Our Produce Scan system offers precise tracking of your produce. Meaning, you can accurately track every piece of produce from its place of origin all the way to its final retail destination. Regardless of how many times your shipments get split up or shipped to varying locations, T3’s Produce Scan will ensure that you can easily identify their source.

Safeguarding consumers

If your operation does not have a produce traceability system in place, a recall will turn into a major loss of time and money because you will not have the option of only recalling items that can be traced back to the origin of the problem. Besides saving time and money, the ability to do this also helps to foster trust with customers if there is an outbreak.

At T3 Technologies, we strive to provide agricultural operations with the tools that they need to protect their customers and reduce their costs. If you’ve been searching for a way to easily implement produce traceability into your operation, contact us today to discuss our Produce Scan inventory management system.