With the growing popularity of produce traceability, we often field questions from potential customers that are concerned about the transition. We’re happy to say, however, that tracing produce – from point of origin to point of sale – has never been easier! The benefits that you stand to gain from implementing our T3 Produce Scan system are staggering: increased food safety and quality assurance, as well as simplified inventory management. With these benefits, many customers expect a difficult transition but, thankfully, nothing could be farther from the truth. In this post, we’re going to address a few of the common concerns voiced by customers that are considering implementing our T3 Produce Scan.

Do you lose traceability information when you repack?

Absolutely not! One of the strongest features of our Produce Scan system is its ability to handle an unlimited number of repacks while still retaining your original produce traceability information.

Can you scan pallets “on the go” while they are being prepared for shipping?

Yes! Our software is designed for use in nearly any environment and, using our mobile app, you can even scan your produce “on the fly” by installing it on any Windows device with an integrated scanner.

How complicated is the Produce Scan software?

It’s incredibly easy! Learning new software is often the most time-consuming part of adopting a new technology. As a result, we designed our interface to be so easy that it takes only a few minutes to train new line workers.

At T3 Technologies, our goal was to create a simple, powerful inventory manager that could be utilized by members of the agriculture industry while in the field. The result of our efforts was T3 Produce Scan, a system that helps you enforce strict quality assurance and food traceability. If you’ve been considering integrating a produce traceability system into your operation but are concerned about the transition, contact us today to discuss how we can help.