Mobile payroll management streamlines your time and attendance tracking with a user-friendly interface. T3 Pocket payroll technology allows you to move your time and attendance process from a data input process to a data checking process. Our customers report a whopping 75% decrease in time spent on payroll processing with our system.

From Data Input to Data Checking

Time previously spent inputing data for payroll processing can now be spent on checking the data and analyzing it for productivity trends. Pocket Payroll collects attendance data quickly and accurately. Each employee has their own barcode that is easily scanned into the system. The data can be easily input into popular accounting software such as Quickbooks, Redwing, and Datatec – any software that can take a flat file.

Scanners are Rugged and Versatile

Our handheld scanners are built to be used in outdoor environments and are commonly used on construction and agricultural sites. The devices can be docked to a pc and synced or the data can be transmitted over a secure internet connection. Beyond handheld devices, we are also working with smartphones, tablets, fingerprint scanners, and biometrics.

However you gather your data, you will now be able to review productivity, create a chain of possession, and create multiple reports about time spent on jobs, pieces picked or made. The system comes with six base reports, but new reports can be customized based on a client’s needs.

At T3 Technologies, we strive to offer software packages that help our clients optimize their operations. Whether you’re managing a large agricultural business or a small, local co-op, we can work with you to understand – and address – your needs. If you’ve been looking for a better way to manage your mobile payroll management, Contact Us Today to find a solution that works for you.