Authentication Services

T3’s Authentication Solution offers customers peace of mind by safeguarding their products against counterfeiting and tampering, ensuring authenticity and product integrity. 

Authentication Services

T3’s Authentication Services combine expertise in marking technologies, configurable solutions, and real-time integrations to offer unique custom authentication services for the distillery, winery, brewery, and manufacturing industries. With online traceability solutions and innovative marking technologies, such as proprietary inkjet printers and custom-developed UV inks or laser etching, our services protect high-value merchandise, provide easy product identification, and enable real-time verification through a secure online portal. Additional features include easily configurable online records, real-time integrations with T3’s web services or your company’s web applications, as well as custom-designed labels and graphics for enhanced authentication. 


Protection against Counterfeiting: Safeguard high-value merchandise by implementing robust authentication measures that deter counterfeiters and protect your brand’s reputation. 

Easy Product Identification: Customers and stakeholders can easily identify authentic products through visual and nonvisual markings, building trust and confidence in your brand. 

Real-Time Verification: Enable real-time verification for investors and suppliers through a secure online portal, ensuring swift and reliable confirmation of product authenticity and facilitating business transactions. 

Enhanced Security and Traceability: Implement online traceability solutions developed internally to enhance security and traceability of products, from bottles and packaging to the units themselves. 


Easily Configurable Online Records: Create and manage online records with customizable fields, including imagery and signature verifications, to ensure comprehensive authentication information. 

Real-Time Integrations: Seamlessly integrate T3’s Authentication Services with our web services or your company’s web applications for real-time data synchronization and streamlined authentication processes. 

Proprietary Inkjet Printers – Mobile and/or Stationary: Utilize T3’s proprietary inkjet printers, available in mobile and stationary configurations, to apply unique markings with custom-developed UV inks or laser etching for enhanced authentication measures. 

Custom Developed Labels and Graphics: Design custom labels and graphics that visually distinguish your products, making them easily identifiable and promoting authenticity.


How can T3’s Authentication Services protect my merchandise from counterfeiting? 

T3’s Authentication Services utilize advanced marking technologies, such as proprietary inkjet printers, custom-developed UV inks, and laser etching, to apply unique and secure markings on your products. These measures make it significantly more difficult for counterfeiters to replicate your merchandise. 

How do visual and nonvisual markings help identify authentic products? 

Visual and nonvisual markings, incorporated into the authentication process, provide clear indicators of product authenticity. These markings can include holograms, QR codes, unique patterns, or hidden elements that are difficult to replicate, enabling easy identification of genuine products. 

Can T3’s Authentication Services integrate with our existing systems? 

Yes, T3’s Authentication Services are designed to integrate seamlessly with our web services or your company’s web applications. This ensures a smooth integration process, allowing for efficient data exchange and authentication workflows. 

Are the online records configurable to our specific requirements? 

Yes, T3’s Authentication Services offer configurable online records that can be customized to meet your specific needs. You can define and manage the fields, including imagery and signature verifications, to capture relevant authentication information. 

How does real-time verification benefit investors and suppliers? 

Real-time verification through a secure online portal enables investors and suppliers to quickly verify the authenticity of your products. This streamlined process saves time, builds trust, and facilitates smooth business transactions. 

What makes T3’s inkjet printers and UV inks unique? 

T3’s proprietary inkjet printers are designed for mobile and stationary use, providing flexibility in application. The custom-developed UV inks offer enhanced security features, including UV-visible elements or specialized properties, ensuring authentication measures that are difficult to counterfeit. 

Can T3 assist with designing custom labels and graphics? 

Yes, T3 can collaborate with you to design custom labels and graphics that enhance the security and authenticity of your products. Our team can work with your branding requirements to create visually appealing and unique designs. 

If you have any additional questions or require further information, please feel free to contact us.