Authentication Services

T3’s Authentication Solution allows our customers a piece of mind against counterfeiting and tampering of their products.

Authentication Services

T3 combines our years of knowledge in marking technologies, easily configurable solutions, and real time integrations. That allow us to provide unique custom authentication services for the distillery, wineries, breweries, and manufacturing industries. We use online traceability solutions developed internally with new and unique marking technologies for bottles, packaging, and the units themselves.


  • Protect high-value merchandise from counterfeiting.
  • Easily identify the product is authentic through visual and nonvisual markings.
  • Real-time verification for investor and supplier through a secure online portal.


  • Easily configurable online records with imagery and signature verifications.
  • Real-time integrations with T3’s web services or your companies web applications.
  • Proprietary Inkjet printers– Mobile and /or stationary.
  • Custom developed UV inks or laser etching.
  • Custom designed labels and graphics.

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