Alert Services/VID

Get texts and email alerts instantaneously of any critical business information or issues. Deliver information to partners and customers through an Augmented Reality tool.

Alert Services/VID

T3’s Alert Services combines our current solutions with our monitoring and alerting tools to keep your business up to date with real time alerts on business critical functions. Our Alert Services allow our client to be aware of things like temperature changes in process equipment, network issues, consumable shortages, and other monitoring tools when you are on vacation or employees are distracted.


  • Do you have critical control points that fail because employees miss checks?
  • Do you have equipment that control product quality that measure temperature or content?


  • Do you have labeling equipment that runs low on ink and you don’t know until it is a shutdown process?
  • Do you trust your support staff to do the job when you are traveling in business of vacation?

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