While T3 Technologies is a known source for high-quality production scan hardware and software, we can also provide a wide range of additional services to our customers. When deciding on what services we would offer, we looked to the common and no so common needs of the agricultural industry. Whether you’re in need of reducing the stress of managing remote workers, optimizing the handling of on-hand inventory, or improving productivity in the field, T3 Technologies has worked to create an effective, yet simple solution.

Custom software development

Despite offering a range of systems and services, the team at T3 Technologies knows the importance of also offering custom solutions where necessary. Whether you need custom database development, mobile data collection, web-enabled business applications or more, T3 Technologies can design and develop software that your operation needs.

Barcode development

The development of barcodes is a necessary part of any produce tracking system. T3 Technologies can provide valuable consultation to help discover the best format and label solutions for any member of the agriculture industry.


If your agricultural business is in need of produce traceability solutions, but you aren’t sure where to begin, T3 Technologies has the experience and knowledge necessary to help you. From shipping solutions and security identification systems to lot traceability and e-commerce solutions, we can work with you to determine the best options and, more importantly, how to implement them into your current workflow.

At T3 Technologies, we work with the agricultural industry to provide them with all of the software and hardware services they need to ensure timely and accurate produce traceability. If you’ve been looking to make your work easier, and more accurate, contact us today to learn more about the services available from T3 Technologies.