Manage Offsite Workers with T3 Technologies' Mobile Time and Attendance

Mobile Time and Attendance

With the number of workers performing their duties remotely on the rise, keeping track of billable hours, attendance and weekly schedules is key to the efficient financial planning of every company. Currently, over 3.3 million people identify their primary place of work as an offsite location. While there are many benefits to having employees working offsite, there are a number of challenges, as well. First and foremost, employers need a powerful, flexible solution to managing employee payroll.

Fortunately, T3 Tracking's Pocket Payroll system affords employers - and employees - all the benefits of physical, in-office payroll combined with the advantages of smartphone technology. Pocket Payroll is a mobile time and attendance system that allows businesses to capture accurate data from their employees. Designed to make record keeping easy, Pocket Payroll utilizes a user-friendly interface to remotely collect activity and cost information directly from the user's smartphone.

With the ability to log in to their jobs at the push of a button, start and stop their time and record lunch breaks, employees are afforded the simplicity and flexibility of typical on-site time clocks. More importantly, employers are able to verify their employee's hours and maintain responsibility for projects, tasks and offsite work. In this way, Pocket Payroll doesn't just ensure the efficient and accurate operation of your business, it encourages productivity and employee accountability.

At T3 Tracking, our Pocket Payroll management system is designed to allow employers to make the most of remote, telecommute and offsite workers. We understand that, as more employees transition into offsite work, the need for reliable, straightforward payroll tracking systems will grow. As a result, we're constantly revisiting our software, upgrading its capabilities and seeking ways to improve the user experience. If you've found yourself employing more and more offsite employees and have been looking for a way to maintain accurate records, contact us today to learn how Pocket Payroll from T3 Tracking can make your life easier.

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