Inventory Control for Small to Mid-Sized Businesses with T3 Technologies

Inventory Control

For small to mid-sized manufacturing companies, inventory control and payroll management can be an involved, burdensome process. Keeping track of completed products, employee hours and productivity can put a real strain on your operation, forcing you to pour hours into administrative tasks that have no tangible impact on your production levels or delivery speeds. Thankfully, T3 Technologies has developed software solutions that will make payroll and inventory management a breeze! In this post, we're going to look at how our T3 Production Scan inventory manager system and our T3 Pocket Payroll mobile payroll system can help you run a more productive - and more profitable - business.

Accurate costs per item

Knowing the correct cost per item produced allows you to price your products competitively. T3 Production Scan integrates smoothly into your current operation, allowing you to maintain accurate inventory control and know - precisely - how much an item costs to produce.

Accurate worker's time per product

In addition to knowing your product's constituent parts, being aware of your worker's time to produce it is important when assigning a fair, competitive price. Our T3 Pocket Payroll system allows you to track - with absolute precision - the amount of time your workers are spending to manufacture your products.

Accurate tracking

With accurate tracking, you can trace your products back to their origins. Whether you want to know which components came from where or you want to know who assembled the item, our systems can help you better understand the processes that create your products.

At T3 Technologies, we strive to simplify the lives of our clients. With our inventory control and payroll management systems, we take burdensome processes and make them simple. Free from the hassle of having to track items piece by piece or keep tabs on your employees with antiquated timekeeping systems, you are able to focus on what matters: producing a top-notch, competitively-priced product. If you've been looking for ways to lower your bottom line and create better products, faster, contact us today to discuss how we can help!

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