Southern California Strawberry Growers

Southern California Strawberry Growers

In an attempt to speed up the collection of data as well as capturing accurate data for their employees several southern California Strawberry growers have begun implementing our mobile and piece tracking system. During the first 6 months of implementation one of our strawberry customers noticed a 10% increase in productivity.

Our strawberry customers use handheld devices out in the field to collect accurate time, and piece information. Each crew foreman carries one mobile device for data collection in his crew. Each strawberry crew is composed of approximately 15 individual groups. To clock in an employee the foreman first scans a team/group barcode. Immediately after scanning a group barcode he will scan an employee ID to clock IN an employee and tie that person into that group number. Any scanned box containing that employee's group barcode will automatically tie that box to that employee. Every harvest employee carries a roll of labels containing the group number that was assigned to them and will stick a barcode label to every completed box they pack. When a full pallet is complete your tractor operator will scan every box to capture the total number of pieces and tie every box to the correct employee.

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