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Produce Traceability

A number of high-profile outbreaks of foodborne illness have reiterated to the agricultural industry how essential produce traceability is to safeguarding consumers. As a result of these outbreaks, more and more companies are looking to implement traceability and - because of that - consumers are growing to expect the protections that traceability provides. Many operations, however, are under the impression that produce traceability is difficult, cumbersome or expensive. Thankfully, T3 Technologies is here to put those misconceptions to rest! In this post, we're going to look at how your operation can easily implement traceability and, more importantly, how it can benefit you.

Easy implementation

T3 Technologies' produce traceability solutions are designed to integrate easily in to your operation. With a suite of mobile and desktop-based solutions, we're confident that you can get our traceability products up and running in no time flat.

Precision tracking

The precision tracking afforded by T3's Produce Scan allows you to track every piece of produce from its point of origin to its final retail location. No matter how many times your shipments are split up, shipped to multiple locations or transported to different areas, our solution will ensure that you can always determine their source.

Consumer safety

With the cost of full recalls, it pays to implement traceability to allow for partial recalls. When a problem arises, you can simply determine the point of origin and initiate a targeted recall on the affected items. In addition to reducing costs, this also fosters consumer trust by ensuring that your products are safe.

At T3 Technologies, we strive to provide agricultural operations with the tools that they need to protect their customers and reduce their costs. If you've been searching for a way to easily implement traceability into your operation, contact us today to discuss Produce Scan from T3 Technologies!

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