Simplify Time and Attendance for Mobile Workers with T3 Technologies’ Pocket Payroll


In the agricultural industry - and any industry where owners must manage a mobile workforce - it can be difficult to keep track of employee time and attendance. Presenting a unique set of challenges, a sufficient payroll system needs to be flexible and, like your employees, it needs to be mobile. One day your employees may be out in the fields, the next they may be on a job site miles away performing essential repairs, and the next they may be packaging your products and preparing them for shipment. To manage payroll accurately, a system that leverages the power of existing technology - but uses it in a new and novel way - must be employed. Luckily, T3 Technologies has created software that does just that! In this post, we're going to look closer at our Pocket Payroll smartphone app and discuss how it can help you simplify the handling of time and attendance of your mobile workforce.

Utilizes existing technology

These days, almost everyone has a smartphone in their pocket. Bearing that in mind, why not use that technology to simplify time and attendance? Our mobile app is designed to allow you - and your employees - to effortlessly log hours using technology that you are already carrying!

Integrates with your accounting software

Designed to import into many of the most popular accounting programs, including Quickbooks, Redwing, Datatech, Famous and ADP, the Pocket Payroll app is a flexible, powerful tool that can be harnessed without needing special software or by-hand conversion.

No more wasted time

At T3 Technologies, our primary goal is to help you get your operation moving faster and more efficiently. Our Pocket Payroll app alleviates the logistical burden of manually tracking hours and, more importantly, reduces your reliance on your already overworked accounting staff. If you've like to learn how you can save time and money, all while simplifying your payroll accounting, contact us today!

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