How the Produce Traceability Initiative Can Improve Your Agriculture Business


The goal of produce traceability is to allow members of the agriculture industry to track produce from the farm where it originated to its final retail destination. Helping to lower costs, insulate the public from foodborne illness, increase efficiency and ensure honesty in advertising, produce traceability is quickly becoming an invaluable - and essential - part of the agriculture industry. As a result, T3 Technologies created T3 Produce Scan, an inventory management system that uses cutting edge technology to help businesses adhere to the tenets of the Produce Traceability Initiative. In this post, we're going to look at several ways that your business can benefit from implementing a traceability program.

1. Faster response times

Recalls are inevitable and, unfortunately, a part of the industry. How those recalls are effected is what separates good businesses from just-okay businesses. T3 Produce Scan utilizes individual labels and bar codes to improve your response time and allow you to quickly identify items that need to be recalled.

2. Simplified inventory management

Since items are individually labeled, you always know exactly what items you have on hand. T3 Technology's produce tracking and tracing systems makes it easier than ever to maintain - and monitor - your inventory.

3. Easier, integrated accounting

As T3 Produce Scan ties in to your account system and makes it easier to monitor your inventory, you are given much finer control of your business' profitable areas. Armed with precise knowledge about your field's most popular seeds and varieties, you can plan - and budget - well in advance.

At T3 Technologies, we fully support the Produce Traceability Initiative and have made it our goal to make it easier, more cost-efficient and faster for businesses in the agriculture industry to take advantage of the movement. If you've been considering implementing a produce tracking system, contact us today to discuss how we can help!

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