Optimizing Manufacturing Operations by Reducing Payroll Overhead


The daily chore of clocking in and out isn't just a hassle for workers, it's unnecessary - and costly - time wasted for employers. Beyond this, the paperwork that comes part and parcel with traditional timeclocks can be aggravating overhead for your accounting department. To remedy this, T3 Technologies' Pocket Payroll mobile payroll system aims to speed up, simplify and improve your record keeping, allowing you - and your staff - to focus on more important, more profitable tasks.

With the T3 Pocket Payroll system, your employees are able to track their time and attendance using a convenient mobile app. From there, multiple reports can be created that detail that employee's hours, pieces, start/stop times, minimum wage earned, tickets and overall time spent. You are then able to export these reports, allowing you to make informed decisions about your operations.  Of course, all of this information is saved in an easy-to-read HTML document that is emailed directly to managers, allowing for on-the-fly audits of accuracy.

By reducing your reliance on old-fashioned time and attendance methods, you leverage the power of modern technology and allow your company to run at optimal efficiency. T3 Pocket Payroll reduces the hours that your workers spend tracking their time, it lowers administrative overhead and saves on accounting hours. These benefits combined contribute to the creation of a leaner, more efficient operation that better positions your employees to devote their time to manufacturing duties, resulting in lowered costs and increased profits.

At T3 Technologies, we aim to revolutionize the manufacturing industry by providing more accurate, more reliable time and attendance software. From mobile computing solutions to inventory tracking technologies, our portfolio is diverse and our experience is unmatched. If you've been looking for a dependable solution to your company's payroll issues, or if you're looking to reduce the overhead associated with payroll, contact us today to learn more about T3 Pocket Payroll.

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