A Breakdown of Food Safety and Produce Traceability


Recent outbreaks in foodborne illnesses have shed light on the growing importance of food safety and produce traceability. This importance, in turn, has led to continued efforts to innovate, refine and expand the possibilities of the technology involved with tracing agricultural produce. But, what exactly is produce traceability and, more importantly, how does it benefit the agricultural industry and consumers?

In short, produce traceability allows individuals and organizations to track produce from its point of origin to its final retail location. With produce batches often being split up, shipped to multiple locations and sold in different regions, being able to accurately determine a product's origin has widespread benefits. For example, if it is discovered that a head of lettuce sold in Seattle is contaminated, a quick check can determine that produce from that same batch was sent to San Jose, Reno and Billings. As a result, quick action can be taken to recall those items and, ultimately, prevent the spread of foodborne illnesses.

The most important elements of a successful produce traceability initiative are accuracy, convenience and portability. Without accuracy, you cannot act decisively. Without convenience, agricultural operations are slowed by the burden of record keeping. Without portability, workers in the industry cannot effectively adhere to the designed program. Bearing all of this in mind, T3 Technologies developed T3 Produce Scan and T3 Produce Scan Mobile.

T3 Produce Scan is engineered for use in the field by members of the agricultural industry. With the ability to adapt to field conditions, print labels on the fly and integrate into current software solutions, T3 Produce Scan is the industry's most versatile, most accurate method for tracking produce.

At T3 Technologies, we believe that consumers have a right to safe food. Additionally, we believe that members of the agricultural industry need accurate, convenient and portable produce traceability solutions. As a result, we developed T3 Produce Scan to address the needs of the industry and the rights of consumers. If you've been looking for a proven, reliable way to track your produce, contact us today to learn more about our options.

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