T3 Technologies and the Produce Traceability Initiative


Produce traceability allows users to track produce from the farm where it originated all the way to its ultimate retail location. Using regularly updated and human readable output information, buyers are able to better protect the public from foodborne illnesses, lower costs, improve efficiency and verify claims related to produce origin.

At T3 Technologies, our T3 Produce Scan inventory management system aims to leverage the popularity of the Produce Traceability Initiative while maintaining a strict emphasis on ease of use for our clients. Utilizing leading edge technology, our system combines multiple technologies into a single, efficient system that offers a number of unique benefits.


We know that much of the effort associated with produce traceability is exerted in the field. Whether you're scanning produce in the package shed or accepting it into a retail facility, it's important that your traceability solution doesn't tether you to an immobile, stationary unit. To address these concerns, all of our solutions integrate pocket PC handheld technology, mobile barcode printers and wireless data transmission.


A traceability system is only as accurate as the information that it collects. If you're unable to precisely track a product's path from farm to retail, the entire process falls apart. You're no longer capable of taking advantage of the system's benefits... you cannot determine origin and, therefore, cannot act meaningfully to correct any quality issues that may arise. Using barcode and RFID technology coupled with verification processes, T3's Produce Scan system ensures that all the information that you need is up to date, accurate and at your fingertips.


Transitioning over to new forms of inventory management and tracking can be cumbersome. Because of this, many companies are discouraged from pursuing options that will, ultimately, be beneficial to them. We understand these concerns and, in order to properly serve our clients, have developed our systems to be flexible and modular. As we can integrate the T3 Produce Scan system into your current software, we ease the transition and make product traceability possible.

At T3 Technologies, we wholeheartedly support the Produce Traceability Initiative as an effort that benefits every participant in the supply chain. From those in the agriculture industry who will experience increased customer loyalty and lowered costs to the retail customer who will find peace of mind in the assurances that sellers can offer, produce tracing is a win-win proposition. If you're considering implementing a fast, efficient and simple system to track your produce, we encourage you to contact one of our experienced team members.

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