How Produce Scanners Can Improve Profits

Produce scanners

Maybe you've heard about produce scanners and appreciate the value of produce traceability, but you're wondering how exactly they will help your company financially. While there is the initial cost of the product to consider, the new and improved process can pay off and increase your profits. Here's how:

Enhance & Maintain Consumer and Retailer Confidence

Consumers put more confidence in a company who can track their food's origin. The T3 Produce scan solution supports the industry's commitment to food safety and produce traceability.

Additionally, knowing the specifics of a shipped product and initiating last-minute changes to the order can increase the confidence in a company from a retailer's perspective.

EXAMPLE: JemD Farms was one of the first to become PTI compliant. JemD's Director of Operations says, "The traceability system gives us the visibility to manage our inventory more easily and we're able to satisfy our retailers' needs better and easier . . . and quicker!"

Limit the Scope & Cost of Recalls

Product recall is certainly a reality companies work hard to avoid, but should the problem arise, electronic traceability is a huge money-saver. When using an electronic scan system, unsafe food is quickly identified and removed, leaving the unaffected product on the shelves.

EXAMPLE: Frontera implemented scanners and tagged their cilantro with a GS1 barcode with GTIN on each case. When the recall was initiated, it was only 36 hours later that all the cases were accounted for and removed from stores' shelves. They were able to trace back to specific retailers carrying the impacted produce. Instead of being forced to recall 100% of the cilantro, only 12% had to be recalled, saving them thousands of dollars and wasted product.

Save Time = Save Money

The T3 Produce Scan solution can cut out a lot of time spent on management, both with documenting and tracking the items, especially if you are still using a paper system. Because all of the information is stored electronically, the search and analysis will produce answers much faster. Additionally, the information is consistent across the industry, eliminating confusion.

EXAMPLE: Mother Earth Organic Mushrooms initiated an electronic system for traceability, and a manager commented, "Improvements in our inventory management from implementing GS1 Standards for traceability have been huge. We used to go out and count everything on the floor every single night. Before we filled orders, we had to look in our cooler. It was exceedingly labor intensive and potentially inaccurate."

Printing at the Point of Packaging Reduces Waste and Increases Efficiency

If you currently print labels for cartons and pallets in advance, the produce scan can eliminate a lot of waste and increase efficiency. If an order is changed last-minute, it is easy to change the code, and pre-printed cartons/pallets are not wasted.

EXAMPLE: Paramount Citrus changed their process to printing and labeling cartons at the point of packing with this new system. This eliminated the waste of pre-printed, unused boxes. They said it is an estimated savings of $100,000 for their company.

*All provided examples come from case studies done by The Produce Traceability Initiative. You can read more about the studies on their website at*

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