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3 Reasons to Choose T3’s Pocket Payroll Software

Pocket Payroll

On the fields, T3 Technologies knows that time is money. Our Pocket Payroll software aims to reduce the amount of time that you and your employees spend on record keeping and increase the time you spend performing productive, profitable tasks. With six base reports integrated into the system and the ability to filter by jobs, fields and other categories, Pocket PayRoll is an ideal way to track your employees' movements, piece rates and wages. In this post, we're going to look at how our software can help you run a more efficient, more profitable operation.

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Manage Offsite Workers with T3 Technologies' Mobile Time and Attendance

Mobile Time and Attendance

With the number of workers performing their duties remotely on the rise, keeping track of billable hours, attendance and weekly schedules is key to the efficient financial planning of every company. Currently, over 3.3 million people identify their primary place of work as an offsite location. While there are many benefits to having employees working offsite, there are a number of challenges, as well. First and foremost, employers need a powerful, flexible solution to managing employee payroll.

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Markets Served by T3 Technologies’ Inventory Tracking Systems

Inventory Tracking System

Initially, T3 Technologies developed our inventory tracking systems for the agricultural industry. However, many other markets and industries have implemented our systems over the years and have seen great success. In this post, we will dive into some of the other markets and industries that have implemented T3 Technologies' systems.

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Promote Agricultural Food Safety with Produce Traceability from T3 Technologies

Produce Traceability

No matter how many precautions are taken, there is always a risk for foodborne illness outbreaks within every agricultural company. The good news is that produce traceability technology has improved greatly over time - this includes Produce Scan by T3 Technologies - which has helped to better safeguard consumers. Produce traceability is no longer overly difficult and costly despite what many in the industry may think. In this post, we will look at several of the ways produce traceability can benefit you.

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Produce Scan from T3 Technologies Can Help You Increase Your Profits

Produce Traceability Systems

The Produce Traceability Initiative allows companies to track their produce back to their point of origin. Accurate produce traceability offers many different benefits for both benefits and the consumers they serve. While produce traceability is an investment, it's a solid one! The savings that you will see from your produce traceability system will more than make up for your initial investment. In this post, we will look at the ways that you can increase your agricultural business' profits using Produce Scan from T3 Technologies.

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Addressing Common Concerns About Our Produce Traceability Products

Produce Traceability

With the growing popularity of produce traceability, we often field questions from potential customers that are concerned about the transition. We're happy to say, however, that tracing produce - from point of origin to point of sale - has never been easier! The benefits that you stand to gain from implementing our T3 Produce Scan system are staggering: increased food safety and quality assurance, as well as simplified inventory management. With these benefits, many customers expect a difficult transition but, thankfully, nothing could be farther from the truth. In this post, we're going to address a few of the common concerns voiced by customers that are considering implementing our T3 Produce Scan.

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Mobile Payroll Management – Beyond Collecting Data with T3 Pocket Payroll

Mobile Payroll Management

Mobile payroll management streamlines your time and attendance tracking with a user-friendly interface. T3 Pocket payroll technology allows you to move your time and attendance process from a data input process to a data checking process. Our customers report a whopping 75% decrease in time spent on payroll processing with our system.

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Produce Traceability Means More Efficiency for Your Agricultural Business

Produce Traceability

The purpose of members of the agricultural industry utilizing a produce traceability system is to make it easier and more streamlined to accurately track produce from where it originated to its final destination - which includes packing facilities, retail stores, and anything in between. Produce traceability means reduced costs, protection for customers against foodborne illness, and greatly increases efficiency. T3 Technologies' produce traceability system, T3 Produce Scan, is an inventory management system can make a world of difference for your agricultural business. In this post, we will look at some of the ways your agricultural business will benefit from T3 Produce Scan.

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Make Work in the Agricultural Industry Easier with Additional Services from T3 Technologies

Produce Traceability

While T3 Technologies is a known source for high-quality production scan hardware and software, we can also provide a wide range of additional services to our customers. When deciding on what services we would offer, we looked to the common and no so common needs of the agricultural industry. Whether you're in need of reducing the stress of managing remote workers, optimizing the handling of on-hand inventory, or improving productivity in the field, T3 Technologies has worked to create an effective, yet simple solution.

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Small to Mid-Sized Manufacturing Companies Need T3 Technologies for Inventory Control

Inventory Manager System

Small to mid-sized manufacturing companies that are involved in the production of customized products have unique needs that for inventory control and job costing that T3 Technologies is equipped and ready to handle. Manufacturing companies, especially those who make custom products, can face huge obstacles when it comes to collecting data for accurate costs per item considering the item changes regularly during the manufacturing process. In this post, we'll take a look at how our T3 Pocket Payroll mobile payroll system and our T3 Production scan inventory manager system can help make your business not only more productive, but more profitable, as well. 

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